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Upstate New York Log Homes, Custom Wood Frame Homes and Modular Homes


Our Approach

Stone Mountain Home Builders is a Custom home builder in Upstate New York’s Capital District nearby Albany and Saratoga, specializing in Log homes as well as Stick Built homes.


We take an innovative approach to home construction.  We are involved throughout the design and estimation process, allowing the customer to keep a grasp on the cost of the project while still focusing on the end goal of bringing their dream to life. 

We offer custom designs, constructed using progressive building practices, to suit a variety of budgets, from the first time home buyer, to those looking for that truly unique, one of a kind home. 

We believe that your home is an expression of you, so please allow us to create the home of your dreams!

Before Construction...



In our initial meetings, we will gather information on what your new home will be used for, the type of home style, size, budget, and the layout of the building site.

From there, we can begin the design process!



Utilizing the iterative design process, we are able to have multiple collaborative conversations, allowing you to make any necessary alterations throughout the design process.

With open communication and multiple meetings throughout the design phase, you will feel confident creating your dream home, while staying within budget.



After the design process, we will draft a contract with you, and discuss any paperwork that may be needed by the bank.

Spending adequate time on the design process allows us to review the necessary questions to transition your wants and needs into building plans and then into your dream home!

John, Colleen, and James

"We were hoping to catch Trevor before he left to personally thank you guys for all the work you did since March for us.

A lot of work went into this and it shows. This house is very special to us and we cannot thank you enough. We are so excited to finally move in, feeling very lucky to be in our dream home and have a place like this to raise James.

All during this process all we heard from people were their nightmare stories on building a home and working with builders. You guys were stand up and helpful right from start to finish and I made sure to tell people that.

If you guys ever land another home in this area, please make time to stop over and say hello. Thank you so very much again!"

Josh and Nadine F.

"We couldn’t be happier with our new home! Trevor and his crew at Stone Mountain Builders were amazing! From day one Trevor went above and beyond any expectation we had of him. He was always there to answer any question or request in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin with exceptional craftsmanship, Stone Mountain Builders is your answer!"

The Maxons

"Our dream home became a reality because of Stone Mountain Builders, it was great working with them!"


(518) 488-4210

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