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Our Process


Pre Design Consultation

In our initial meeting is a informational gathering session for us. We are looking to discover what your use for the home will be (Home office, vacation home, raise family, retirement), the style of home (cape, ranch, stick built, log home, timber frame), Size of home, your budget, layout of the land we are building upon.  

We take this information and put together a sketch of your home, as well as an estimate based upon our past knowledge of what projects cost.  These numbers are estimates and are used for the customer to base future decisions, our intention is to give you all the knowledge needed to make educated decisions.  We realize Building a new home is a massive decision, and you will not be taking it lightly as we move into the next steps.

We use a slightly different method when it comes to designing your home. We call it the iterative design process, meaning that we do not just step away and have an architect design your home for a few months and then come back and tell you how much it will cost after the project has been designed.  We have found this to be a waste of valuable time, and incredibly heartbreaking for everyone involved.  Architects are not familiar with the up to date costs of construction, nor have they been in the field to fully understand the results of what they design.

Instead we involve ourselves and our team from the beginning. Using our engineers in conjunction with our team members from the start allows us to have multiple conversations with our clients, and make alterations throughout the design process.  These different iterations, and inputs allow us to design the home of your dreams while keeping your budget in mind.  We design to a target budget, and then continuously integrate feedback until the goal is met.  Perhaps that 1/2 bath is pushing you over your budget, we discuss that option with you and allow you to make the decision of whether or not that added value stays or goes.  We are able to make cost saving suggestions throughout the process, as well as design suggestions We have also found that by being involved in this process we are better able to direct the timeframe in which the design is completed. This results in a 3-6 month design process before construction.

All of these steps are designed to save aggravation for the homeowner in the end, giving them what they are looking for.  A beautiful, custom home, that comes in on time and within their budget. 




We draft a detailed estimate before moving to the construction contract. If a construction loan is being used to finance your project, we can assist with the lenders document requirements.

By spending the time during the design process, we take the pain out of the contract process by having all of your questions answered ahead of time


This is it.  The time we have been working towards. 

During the design process you have made 95% of your decisions regarding your home, leaving only a few finishing touches as we bring your dream to life, doing the decision making and design ahead of time and discussing with all of the team members involved saves time, money and your aggravation in the end

During the Construction of your new home we will meet several times to, layout your home, select your final finishes, walkthrough your home as its built, explain the construction process to you and answer all of your questions

As we wrap up your project in the final days we will meet and go over your warrantee, explain any of the systems to you, and generally make sure you are comfortable before we hand you your keys to your new home.



We will do a final walkthrough, familiarizing you with your new home's systems, functions and features. We will make sure you have all the information needed for continued maintenance on your new home.

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