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Home Design

Owners working with a builder on a cost planning basis have saved tens of thousands of dollars through the experience the builder brings to the planning process.  The builder is well versed in construction language and can easily assist in the translation of the owners desires to paper (building plans) and then into the owner's Dream Home!

  • Stone Mountain Builders (Builder), working in cooperation with owners and Little Hammer Drafting (Designer), will provide the following services in order to prepare the New Construction Project.

  • Inspect for preexisting conditions that will affect design and cost and present findings to owner and designer.

  • Suggest to designer and owner construction technologies and methods to maximize environmental benefits of the project.

  • Create and present to the owner a detailed estimate accompanied by detailed assumptions based on preliminary plans drawn by Designer.

  • Suggest alternative construction methods to help maintain alignment of design with the owner's budget.

  • Create a final estimate together with necessary assumptions based on final working drawings for the project.

  • Present to the owners a fixed-price contract for construction of the project.

  • Charges:  Stone Mountain Builders will provide the cost planning services described above for up to 30 hours, agreement will be initiated when a 50% deposit is submitted with a signed copy of the agreement.  


Cost/Planning Agreement

Wood Frame of House

What's Included

  • Draft: Foundation walls, floor plans, finished elevations, cross-sections, construction details and calculations. 

  • Plans shall use 2020 NYS code for design and reference. 

  • Rough plumbing and electrical are not included but are available if needed. 

  • 4 Plan sets will be provided after final approval and plans are stamped by Engineer.

Recommendations for the Planning Process

  • 3 virtual or in-person meetings between Builder and Owners and six phone calls with Designer and Engineer to discuss and advise on how best to construct the house to Owner's specifications while keeping cost saving measures in mind.

  • Involving the builder in the cost planning process will be efficient and less stressful for the owner.

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